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The Research Departments are an integrated part of the institutional "Research Campus RUB" strategy of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum promoting excellent research with a unique interdisciplinary approach enabling the independence of scientists with flat hierarchies.

Based on the understanding of the interaction between single molecules or atoms it is our vision to achieve a microscopic understanding of chemical complexity, from interfaces of condensed matter (e.g. metal-substrate-interaction) to complex molecular architectures (e.g. Biomolecule-Interfaces).

This requires a broad arsenal of state-of-the-art methods ranging from synthetic, spectroscopic, analytical and theoretical methods to engineering science related methods which will be further developed in the Research Department Interfacial Systems Chemistry (RD IFSC). Advances of basic research will be transferred to applied research and industrially employed processes (CES , THz ACC ).

RD IFSC promotes interdisciplinary learning and research by enabling early contact to science and networks, and supports independent early-stage-research in the career of young scientists.

Central research topics are Solvation (Cluster of Excellence RESOLV) and Materials (SFB 558) . Cooperative research projects are dealing with Microsolvation and Microaggregation (FOR 618) , the development of smart drug carriers (FOR 630) , the understanding of intermolecular interactions (INTCHEM) , electrochemistry and mobility, the design of ionic liquids (ERC Starting grant), innovative concepts for fabrication as well as integration and characterisation of thin-layer materials (ENHANCE) , the development of spectroscopic methods and deployment of a comprehensive arsenal of theoretical methods (TheoChem) . Constructing the first electronically programmable chemical cells should establish a novel basis for future adaptive embedded information technology at the molecular level.

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Research Building ZEMOS

Center of Solvation Science

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New Cluster of Excellence: Chemists investigates solvation processes

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