Young scientists

Early Career Researchers

Early career researchers (ECRs) who are starting to establish a scientific career after their PhD need an excellent and supportive research environment and access to scientific networks. Early career researchers need to aquire financial support for their research ideas, and will benefit from the participation in integrated projects and larger research consortia.

The goal of the ECR concept of the RD IFSC is to support young scientists at all different stages of their career, in particular facilitating the very beginning. One motivation of RD IFSC is to attract and hold on to excellent, motivated scientists and their potential for ideas, both scientific and for the RUB.

10 independent early career reseach group leaders of the RUB and Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung who work scientifically in the field of "Solvation Science" (7 of these scientists are members of the RD IFSC.)

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Besides the support within the network of the RD IFSC, it has been possible to support early career research group leaders ("Junior-PIs") with financial start-up funding for scientific projects and young scientists with the Post Doc Program. In addition the research profile of the RD IFSC, the Department of Chemistry and Biochemstry, and, thus, the RUB has been competently enforced via the Program to Attract Highly Qualified Young Researchers.