Research-oriented Teaching

Research-oriented Teaching

Teaching Philosophy of the RD IFSC

Research and Education are vital tasks of the members of the RD IFSC.

The essential role of teaching is to engage students actively in the learning and discovering process which is driving science. It is our compulsion to encourage and promote a fascination for science.

We actively support students in the scientific process by giving them the opportunity to develop their own ideas and solutions for scientific challenges. Thus, we use state-of-the art examples of research to highlight the importance of fundamental scientific principles. A principal objective to improve the learning curve of our students is research-oriented teaching. By clearly communicating educational goals and methods of evaluation, students can be given timely and frequent feedback on their performance.

Our students experience and exhibit professional behaviour by working in multidisciplinary and multinational teams. Beyond the actual science, additional key factors such as professional communication, work ethics, documentation, and publication are essential to successful research projects. Students are given the opportunity to master a variety of tailored challenges in their study programs, such as practical training sessions. Importance is put on training in the fundamental and specific aspects of workplace safety for a secure work environment in modern chemical and biological laboratories.

Guiding and mentoring of researchers early in their careers are valuable tools for personal development. Examples for this successful strategy within the RD IFSC for our students are the Junior-PIs. Following graduation, students are able to set their own paths in science. They will acquire the necessary fundamental skills as researchers to open a variety of future career choices.

All members of the RD IFSC are vibrant examples that demonstrate how learning is life-long activity, extending beyond the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels!

Teaching Philosophy

Here, you find our Teaching Philosophy!

Mission Statement of RUB: "unversitas"

Education and promotion of students is one of our central missions. Students of today will be the top researchers of tomorrow. Following the mission statement of the RUB “discover, learn and live research”, research and teaching are considered to be inseparable. RUB has given the highest priority to the principle of “universitas”: The formation of a close community of teachers and students, the unbiased interaction of people beyond subject boundaries and hierarchies.

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