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The Research Departments are one of the building blocks of Research Campus RUB.

Overview: RUB Research Departments

Cutting-edge research at RUB is organised within flexible, interdisciplinary Research Departments (RD). These Research Departments maintain strong networks between each other and on an international level. Thus, they serve for building greater clusters which explore overarching issues. Research Departments are flexible units forming bridges across disciplinary borders and they pool existing excellence in interdisciplinary research.

Research Departments are set up for a specific period of time and tied to several criteria:
(i) an overarching research strategy,
(ii) proven excellence in collaborative research, based on at least one Collaborative Research Centre (SFB or equivalent) as a host university and three additional major collaborative research projects, typically funded by DFG, BMBF, or the EU,
(iii) a strategy for advancing early career researchers and
(iv) a concept for research-oriented teaching.

Research Department Websites

Please check the Research Department websites for more information:

Project Coordinator

Dr. Matthias Gerberding
Research Office
Dept. 1
Phone: +49 (0)234 / 32-29142