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"Memory region" of the brain involved in conflict resolution

Hippocampus is involved in quick and successful decisions. The brain could learn useful lessons from resolved conflicts.

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Whistled Turkish involves both hemispheres equally

Left hemisphere not dominant in the perception of all languages. RUB researcher report in the journal "Current Biology"

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New theory for the sense of vision

Specialisation of cells in the cortex could have origin in the retina. Principle of the colour seeing is potentially valid also for perception of other qualities.

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Hippocampus: the key to memory

Where memory is encoded and retrieved. Researchers publish their results in the journal "Hippocampus".

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Slowness facilitates structure in the brain

Article in the online magazine RUBIN.

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How nerve cells organise themselves

Neuronal networks: Propagation of local excitation in the brain is a chain reaction.

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Movie at the IBRO-World Congress

The International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) will present the Research Department of Neuroscience at its 9th World Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from July 7h-11th, 2015.

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STED-Microscope for the RDN

The German Research Foundation (DFG) approved the building of a STED microscope, optimized for neuroscientific questions. The completion of the equipment is scheduled for 2014. The device will be located at the RUBION.

Insights into the Research Department of Neuroscience 2011

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