Young Scientists

One important focus of the RDN is the fostering of young scientists. The training of PhD-students takes place under the special guidance of the International Graduate School of Neuroscience (IGSN). The IGSN is an independent pillar, firmly established under the umbrella of the RDN, for a structured internationally renowned interdisciplinary neuroscience doctoral programme. The IGSN was founded in 2001 and is a well-established central “open Faculty” of neuroscience with its own promotional rights for a “PhD in Neuroscience”.

The IGSN is the central institution for neuroscientific education within the RDN for PhD students as well as fast track BSc candidates. With the Bochum Research School for Medical Neuroscience "BoNeuroMed" (since 2009, co-funded by the government of North-Rhine Westphalia), the Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG) of the SFB 874, and the graduate education arm of the research unit FOR 1581 (both funded by the DFG) as well as PhD candidates within the Mercator Research Group “Structure of Memory” the IGSN addresses education in multiple Neuroscience areas at the Ruhr-University.

The strategy of high level education combined with state of the art research projects, along with extracurricular soft skills training by the Ruhr University Research School (RUB-RS), promotes the synergy of an excellent education in an excellent research environment for young neuroscientists.

The IGSN is a member of Neuroschools Germany and of the Network of European Neuroscience Schools (NENS).