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Paths leading to neuroscience

The high interdisciplinary orientation in the area of neuroscience offers students at the Ruhr University Bochum the possibility to focus very early during their studies on neuroscientific topics. Within the faculties this research focus is established in different bachelor and master courses and PIs of the RDN contribute to the teaching. An integration of the students in neuroscientific research projects occurs at the level of practical courses of several weeks, as well as within the scope of the bachelor's work.

Some examples are the following:

Bachelor degrees

B.Sc. Psychology, Focus Cognitive Neuroscience

B.Sc. Biochemistry

B.Sc. Biology

Master degrees

M.Sc. Psychology, Focus Cognitive Neuroscience

M.Sc. Clinical Psychology

M.Sc. Cognitive Science

Master programme biochemistry, "Biochemistry of the nervous system"

Master programme biochemistry, "Molecular biochemistry of stem cells"

M.Sc. Biology, Focus Neurobiology

Education of Graduate students

The International Graduate School of Neuroscience (IGSN) is an independent pillar, firmly established under the umbrella of the RDN, that offers a structured internationally renowned interdisciplinary neuroscience doctoral programme. The IGSN is a well-established central “open Faculty” of neuroscience with an autonomous right to confer a “PhD in Neuroscience”.

Neuroscientific education under the auspices of the IGSN:

Bochum Research School for Medical Neuroscience (BoNeuroMed)

Integrated Research Training Group of the SFB 874

• Education arm of the FOR 1581

• PhD candidates of the Mercator research Group “Structure of Memory”

The IGSN offers the following programmes:

• A fast-track (3 Year) international PhD programme in Neuroscience

• An integrated qualification year that precedes entry to the PhD programme for candidates that have a B.Sc. obtained in 6 semesters or equivalent degree

• A one year MD programme for medical students (together with the IRTG of the SFB 874)

In addition to the IGSN PhD-students of other doctoral programmes are linked to the RDN, for example the International Graduate School of Biosciences (IGB).