PD Dr. Dirk Jancke

Research Interests

PD Dr. Dirk Jancke, Optical Imaging Lab, Institut für Neuroinformatik

With the use of voltage-sensitive dye imaging it has been visualized that ongoing activity in early visual brain areas comprises coordinated activation of millions of neurons. Such activity traces form spatiotemporal patterns that play an essential role in both 1) memory consolidation, by maintaining specific internal representations of past experiences, and 2) in immediate interaction with activity triggered by current sensory events.
Our studies aim to elucidate the neuronal mechanisms related to visual perception and learning, to address the possible influence of excitability and neuromodulation, as well as the associated reorganization of early sensory brain maps. We investigate how spatiotemporal patterns of activity reflect short-term plastic changes and how working memory traces influence expectation and decision processes. Our imaging method is unique in its capability of recording electrical activity of neuronal populations at once and thus provides access to the complex dynamics observed within the brain’s network.