Research-oriented teaching

Research-oriented teaching

Students gather insights into topics examined in the dRD SPS² from early on. Key questions related to SPS2 are covered in different courses. Amongst others, the participating PIs are involved in the following undergraduate and graduate study programs:

  • B.Sc. / M.Sc. Environmental Engineering and Resource Management
  • B.Sc. Management and Economics
  • M.Sc. Sales Engineering and Product Management
  • M.Sc. Applied Informatics
  • Master of Organizational Management (Lifelong-Learning Master)
  • M.Sc. Electrical Engineering and Information Technology / Electromobility systems

Due to our multidisciplinarity, there is a variety of teaching and learning formats ranging from field work to simulations and experiments as well as the documentation and publication of results. Students are involved in research projects and confronted with real problems from practitioners. Their learning process thus includes identifying a theoretical framework, developing a research design and selecting appropriate research instruments, working in the field, documenting, discussing and providing feedback on their results with practitioners. SPS2-related challenges are studied scientifically in Bachelor and Master thesis. Moreover, in the master program Organizational Management every module includes a research practice week.

In future the PIs will develop further interdisciplinary modules and programs addressed to students from various disciplines.

For fostering early career researchers, the dRD SPS² is cooperating with