The Research Department "Solvation Science" is an interdisciplinary, cross-facultative facility dedicated to exploring pressing scientific questions related to solvation effects and techniques for their identification. Currently, researchers from five faculties (Biology and Biotechnology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, and Physics) have joined forces for this task.


Prof. Dr. Stefan M. Huber
Prof. Dr. Christian Merten
Prof. Dr. Clara Saraceno
Prof. Dr. Poul Bering Petersen
Prof. Dr. Lars Schäfer (Speaker)

List of All Members

ScientistResearch UnitWebsiteORCID
Prof. Dr. Ulf-Peter ApfelSmall MoleculesHomepage 0000-0002-1577-2420
Prof. Dr. Jörg BehlerTheoretical Chemistry IIHomepage 0000-0002-1220-1542
Prof. Dr. Viktoria Däschlein-Geßner Inorganic Chemistry IIHomepage 0000-0001-6557-2366
Prof. Dr. Simon EbbinghausBiophysical ChemistryHomepage 0000-0001-9309-1279
Dr. André EckhardtOrganic Chemistry IIHomepage 0000-0003-1029-9272
Prof. Dr. Lukas GooßenOrganic Chemistry IHomepage 0000-0002-2547-3037
Prof. Dr. Thomas Günther-PomorskiBiochemistry IIHomepage 0000-0002-4889-0829
Prof. Dr. Christof HättigQuantum ChemistryHomepage 0000-0002-5752-2710
Prof. Dr. Thomas HappePhotobiotechnologyHomepage 0000-0003-1206-5234
Prof. Dr. Martina Havenith-NewenPhysical Chemistry II Homepage 0000-0001-8475-5037
Prof. Dr. Christian HerrmannBiophysical ChemistryHomepage 0000-0002-1824-3647
Prof. Dr. Martin R. Hofmann Photonics and THz TechnologyHomepage
Prof. Dr. Stefan M. HuberOrganic Chemistry IHomepage 0000-0002-4125-159X
Dr. Johannes KargesMedicinal Inorganic ChemistryHomepage 0000-0001-5258-0260
Prof. Dr. Sebastian KrussFunctional materials and bio-systemsHomepage 0000-0003-0638-9822
Prof. Dr. Dominik MarxTheoretical ChemistryHomepage
Prof. Dr. Christian MertenChirality & Vibrational Optical Activity Homepage 0000-0002-4106-1905
Prof. Dr. Nils Metzler-NolteInorganic Chemistry IHomepage 0000-0001-8111-9959
Prof. Dr. Karina MorgensternPhysical Chemistry IHomepage 0000-0002-6660-5286
Prof. Dr. Martin MuhlerIndustrial ChemistryHomepage 0000-0001-5343-6922
Prof. Dr. Thomas MuschElectronic Circuit DesignHomepage
Prof. Dr. Franz NarberhausMicrobial BiologyHomepage 0000-0002-8552-5310
Dr. Fabio NovelliPhysical Chemistry IIHomepage 0000-0002-0381-5585
Prof. Dr. Marcus PetermannSolid Processing TechnologyHomepage 0000-0001-7844-9674
Prof. Dr. Poul Bering PetersenPhysical Chemistry IIHomepage 0000-0002-9821-700X
Prof. Dr. Ilona RolfesHigh-Frequency Systems Homepage 0000-0001-8195-4786
Prof. Dr. Axel RosenhahnAnalytical Chemistry – BiointerfacesHomepage 0000-0001-9393-7190
Prof. Dr. Wolfram SanderOrganic Chemistry IIHomepage 0000-0002-1640-7505
Prof. Dr. Clara SaracenoPhotonics & Ultrafast Laser Science Homepage 0000-0002-7369-9057
Prof. Dr. Lars SchäferMolecular SimulationHomepage 0000-0002-8498-3061
Prof. Dr. Rochus SchmidComputational Materials ChemistryHomepage 0000-0002-1933-3644
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang SchuhmannAnalytical ChemistryHomepage 0000-0003-2916-5223
Prof. Dr. Frank SchulzChemistry of Natural ProductsHomepage 0000-0003-3946-7137
Prof. Dr. Raphael StollBiomolecular NMRHomepage
Prof. Dr. Jörg Tatzelt Biochemistry of Neurodegenerative DiseasesHomepage 0000-0001-5017-5528
Prof. Dr. Kristina TschulikElectrocatalysis & Functional Materials Homepage 0000-0001-7637-4082
Prof. Dr. Eckhard WeidnerTransport ProcessesHomepage 0000-0001-7849-4061
Dr. Mario P. WiesenfeldtCatalysisHomepage 0000-0002-7142-9336
Prof. Dr. Konstanze WinklhoferMolecular Cell BiologyHomepage 0000-0002-7256-8231